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DigiSearchIndia - eCommerce and Digital Marketing Industry Free eBook by Santosh Sarangi. "Love It or Leave It". Endless Possibilities with Learn Experiment and Explore. Get started and understand the art of eCommerce and the power of digital marketing.

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DigiSearchIndia - Case Studies

When it comes to product management or digital marketing, only a number matter. Check out the list of case studies, research documents, uncommon strategy and execution plans for business success and the best customer experience.
Online Reputation Management ORM For Businesses

Improve online reputation

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a sensitive and critical part of your marketing and business growth. It creates a positive brand identity in the consumer's eye. Understand the needs of the customer and fulfilling their needs with the right approach is important.

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People Trust Online Reviews

Research shows that 91% of consumers read online reviews. 84% of consumers trust online reviews. Even 70% of job seekers look at the company's reviews before they make career decisions.

Business Owners

97% Of Business Owners Say Online Reputation Management Is Important. The same was true of online reviews (98 percent) and social presence (92 percent).

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DigiSearchIndia Free eBook

There is an endless opportunity in the digital world of technology transformation. DigiSearchIndia is a free eBook about eCommerce business and digital marketing by Santosh Sarangi. If you are a small or medium business owner there is a huge scope to grow your business online. Similarly, If you are fresher and interested in online business or eCommerce industry professional then you have a very bright future.

DigiSearhIndia - eCommerce Business Management

India is one of the most emerging markets and has huge growth scope in the eCommerce industry. DigiSearchIndia, the ideal space where we can learn new things about digital technology transformation from the industry expert. Weather eCommerce or Digital marketing both are very mush correlated. One thing can run without the other one.

DigiSearhIndia - Digital Marketing Free eBook

At DigiSearchIndia dot com, You will discover lots of expert advice about online business, startups, digital marketing, seo, orm, social media, brand promotions, paid ads and more. You will get to know new updated every and it's totally free.
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