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DigiSearchIndia - eCommerce and digital Marketing industry free ebook by Santosh Sarangi. We share industry experiences, advanced tricks and techniques for learning and useful guides. We help to create new career opportunities and brand new business identities. Endless possibilities with learn experiment and explore. Get started and understand the art of eCommerce and the power of digital marketing.
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Your vision is now a reality

Innovative ideas take you and your business to a different level. For this we need to understand the cause and effect. Where cause talks about the problem statement and effect talk about the ideal solution. The effectiveness of technology causes the brand positioning of your brand or business. Nobody comes up with a brand from day one. But a valid cause and right effect from day one can give you a brand name.

Executions - Watch the magic happen

Execution is an art of sharpen your focus and understanding the niche of your product. The most sensitive part of executions plan is “Know when to say no”. Right executions plan the key of success to any business idea includes, transparency, time scales, technology, costs, quality and benefits. When you have good execution plan then brand making is easy. All we need to define small and achievable milestones.

Brand Positioning- Do even more

The two key factors of brand positioning are customer’s mind and timing. Brand Positioning is nothing but how you distinguish your product from your customer and competitors. A brand position comes from the mind of your customers what they say about brand not that you say about your brand. So focus on quality and the benefits you want them to think of when they think of your brand at time with accuracy.

We understand and decode business owners' ideas into reality.

Many small or middle-level business owners' are putting lots of effort and are working for decades years. Because of the lack of technology transformation either they are not able to succeed in the market or further magnify their business.
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Great way to learn and skill-up with the new career opportunity

There are many hidden talents from lower or middle-class family could not join short terms or higher education. And the transformation of technology left them far away. But there are endless possibilities with self/online learning experiment and explore career growth into e-commerce or digital marketing. Get Free industry insides from DigiSearchIndia.

Multitasking skills

Being a not non-technical person, the multitasking ability makes me easy to understand web technology and the power of digital marketing.


Premium experience

More than 13+ years of learned work experience in small, medium and large scale corporates. Expertise in customer services, eCommerce and digital marketing domains.


Business goal focused

It's all about awareness, considerations, conversions, loyalty, and advocacy. Business transparency and quality customer experience is the key to success

Author & Success stories

I am Santosh Sarangi, the one-man army behind DigiSearchIndia. I am a multitasking character, love catching new challenges and a quick learner from mistakes. Accepting & realizing mistakes is my biggest strength. I have hands on experience in customer services, business operations, brand promotions, team motivation, product management and executing the power of digital marketing. Kindly share your valuable feedback and suggestions.
Seasoned product management and digital marketing leader with 13+ years of industry experience in eCommerce and travel domains.
Santosh Sarangi DigiSearchIndia
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