Power and Importance of HTML Sitemap in a Website

Power and Importance of HTML Sitemap

An HTML Sitemap is definitely given value to many things and help you in many different ways. Though HTML sitemap has no direct impact on SEO, Search engines always care about Users and Search Experience. Think about your users, understand the problems or challenge your user faces to find what they are looking for on a website. HTML sitemap is One-Click Solution to find anything from a website with minimum time and effort.

There are two types of Sitemaps:

1. XML Sitemap – Good for search engines and spiders to discover the pages on the website

2. HTML Sitemap – Helps Website Visitors finding the main pages to lowest level pages from one clickable list of pages.

Why Html Sitemap is a Must-Have

1. Help to design the architect blueprint of your website.

2. Easy to manage Large scale websites with end number of primary categories & tail level categories, especially for online shopping sites.

3. Speed in Search Crawling, Indexing & Visibility.

4. Increase User Experience of your website

5. Help to identify duplicate data on a website

6. Improve On-Page SEO Quality, Like Great way to use Anchor Text with relevant keyword


HTML Sitemap has no direct impact on SEO But HTML Sitemap definitely helpful for your business, website and for better user experience.

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