Ideal Blog Post Length or Word Count Best Practices

Ideal Blog Post Length or Word Count Best Practices 2020

In today’s Digital World, Every digital marketer understands the importance and power of Digital Marketing for any business. Similarly, we have to understand the basic need to begin Digital Marketing.  

As we know “Content Is King” So, first of all, we have to plan a good content marketing strategy or blog calendar.

Again, to prepare the right content strategy and make it successful for any business all we need clarity. Similarly, to get that clarity in you’re thought process of content development. First of all we have followed some tricks and techniques. We must have answers to the following questions.

Ideal Blog Post Length Word Count
Planning for Content Marketing Strategy? Must read the ideal blog post length or word counts best practices for better SEO & more business opportunity

Must Know the Answers to Follow Pre Content Plan Questions

> What’s the ideal blog length or word count that will work for us?

> Minimum Paragraphs should be in our blog post?

> How many keywords we can use?

> How to use the keywords and how many times to use those keywords?

> How do I get to know my blog post is SEO friendly and user engaging or not?

> We should use CTA (call to actions) in our blog or not?

> We should use outbound hyperlinks in our blog or not?

and even more..

Let’s start with Ideal Blog Length or Word Count for an article.

Ideal Blog Length or Word Count for an Article

Simply we can admit that there is no such fix blog length or word count. I would say you the right person to decide what will the ideas blog length or word count for your next article. Simply because there are many goals to identify the right blog length or word counts as follows:

> Blog Post Ideas

Different types of blog post ideas based on categories.

> Industry or Business Types

> Target Audience

People, persona, and audience

>Blog Post Channel

In Which Channel you want to post your blog?

> Lifeline of Your Blog Post

> Expected Return on Investment (ROI)

> Short term or Long term benefits

Focus on Blog Post Quality Not Quantity

Shorter of Blog Length

Above All, many bloggers say “Shorter is Better” and Blog post means “Short & Sweet Perform Better” and shouldn’t be more than 500 to 600 words. As per their understanding, online readers have short attention spans and they don’t like longitude contents. 

I would say, please don’t pay attention to those bloggers.

Keep in mind, if you want more shares on social media or you want more comments on your blog post and you want short time visibility of your post then please write a short post. Even 300 to 500 blog post length and word counts will work. But it is bad for SEO and it will take a long time to rank on Google Search Result.

Medium level blog post length

Blog length even more than 1000 word counts up to 1500 words performs better. The medium level blog post is always good for SEO and Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engines help increasing new visitors to your page. Google also improves your SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) of your business.

The long blog post is better than the best

You can write longer blog posts of 600 to 1500 word counts or up to 2500 words count even more. All it depends on the type of content and the problem you are solving for the readers without wasting time and how informatics and demanding your blog post.

Even as per the Google traffic analysis report, Google loves long descriptive unique, original and problem solving long blog posts. It also improves the time spends on-page, new page sections, lifeline visitors, bookmarks, quality backlinks on your post always on high percentage. Google algorithm and artificial intelligence notice all these metrics and definitely give your business a scale and better visibility in search results.

Many bloggers feel like the percentage of social share and comment in long blog posts is very less in number. But according to Twitter social share and comment research analysis, long length blog posts always get more percentage of social shares and comments.

Don’t believe me? Longer Content Get Better Search Rank, Huge Traffic in a Long run and Get Good Backlinks and Good Social Share and Comments for your Business. Here is the report card for you.

Blog Post Length or word count Metrics

> 100 to 300 word Count Blog post

Good to start with for new websites and good for the social promise

> 300 to 500 words count blog post

Get good social share and comments and good for domain authority

> 500+ up to 800 words count blog posts

Good for professional bloggers, journalists and newspapers, media posts and social share of any hot topic or trend.

> 800+ up to 1000or 1500 words count blog post

May get fewer comments but there is a possibility to get good no of social shares on twitter, get brand value from visitors and create industry expert impact when you solving a problem and increase user experience. Increase SERP which directly propositions to know of quality traffic for your business. 

> 1800+ up to 2800 words count blog post

Get more traffic into your website every day, get more new and lifeline visitors and get more business opportunities. But don’t waste the time of your first-time visitor putting lots of irrelevant content and keywords.


Write the length you want to write in your upcoming blog post for better and quality traffic on your website and better search engine results pages. But there is nothing wrong writing very short blog posts of 200 or the 300-word count.

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