Business Marketing Management

Business Marketing Management

Business Marketing Management

Marketing is a business process exchange of relationships and customer satisfaction. Advertising or promoting something or offering something for products and services, increasing customer reach and awareness and generating a sale or lead for product or services is marketing. Marketing includes market research and advertising. There are two types of marketing Offline or Traditional Marketing and Internet Marketing.

Importance of marketing in today’s business?

Marketing is important for business because it creates and maintains long term relationship with your customers. It keeps your customer up to date about your product and services accordingly they can able to buy or take your services. When are saying customers able to buy it means?

  • Marketing is the financial success of your organisation.
  • Marketing increase the Market Demand & Information about your Product or Services.
  • Marketing build Market Brand Position of your Organisation in front of your customer and competitors.
  • Though Marketing is a never ending process, it Benefits to Stakeholders.
  • Marketing helps Organisations Decision Making.
  • Marketing increases Employment Opportunities.

Depends on the type of marketing, organization demand, industry, product or services, demography and target audience and more the marketing strategy and marketing execution plans also change. Similarly according to Marketing Strategy of your business the marketing materials requirement differs. Before start any marketing plan you should have correct and appropriate answers of the following question.

  • What is your product or services?
  • What is your business model?
  • What is the USP of your product or services?
  • Why should people use ot take your products or services?
  • How your product or services is different and better from your competitors?
  • What is your target market and target audience types?

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